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Welcome to Doctor in Debt

Welcome to the site.  This blog is my second go at personal finance blogging.   I gave personal finance blogging a start back in 2006 as a resident but quickly became distracted by my medical career and a new game in town called app development.

Why am I sharing my experience on personal finances, early retirement, app development and the like?

I am sharing because eventually everyone figures out that no-one cares or knows more about your financial situation than yourself.    There is a multitude of services out there to help you with all your financial needs, for a price.

If you need debt reduction,  they have it.

If you need retirement planning,  they have it.

If you need insurance, they have it.

You do need debt reduction, retirement planning, and insurance,  but a slightly motivated individual can often do an excellent job for themselves at a much better price.

I will show you how I have approached these problems from an upper-middle-class life style.   We are the traditional “HENRY” family;   “High Earners Not Rich Yet”    While I face many of the same financial problems as most of the population, my upper-middle-class income offers me opportunities and dilemmas that are not often touched on by other personal finance blogs.

I am by no means an “expert” on any of this.  In fact, I would be suspicious of anyone who does pretend to be an expert.  Each individuals situation is unique, and the best person to decide what is best for you is YOU!   So do your due diligence, read some books and blogs.  Talk to a friend, even an advisor.  Then make your decision and be confident you’ve made the best decision you could make with the information you had at hand.

These steps should become part of your financial system that you review on a regular basis.   Do this, then get on with the rest of your life!!    After all, your finances are there to allow you to do the things you want to do!

Enjoy the ride.