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7 Reasons Physicians Need to Send Their Children to Private School

7 Reasons Physicians Need To Send Their Children to Private School

If you have school age children, investing in your children’s education is one of the wisest investments you can make.  There is no greater head start to success you can give your children.  Education is also one of the most expensive decisions you can make.   There are seven reasons why physicians spend tens of thousands of dollars a year to send their children to private schools despite the high costs.

Is the cost of private school for your children worth the investment?   Like most financial decisions, the answer is, it depends.   Let’s look at a young physician family with three children at home.

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Should Physicians Invest in a 457(b) Plan?

The Hidden Danger In Your Hospital’s 457(b) Plan

As an employed physician, are you tired of seeing half your paycheck go to taxes?  Employed physicians face a lack of tax-sheltered savings space compared to their business-owning counterparts.

After you max out your 401k/403b, there are few options for tax-deferred savings.  There is an option offered by some hospitals and health systems, the 457(b) plan.

On the surface, the 457(b) plan appears to be just what employed physicians need,  more tax-deferred savings space!

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