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Five Minute Friday: Rapid Response Report

Here is this week’s rapid response report.  Included are some links and useful information curated for busy professionals.

+ Private Schools is Becoming Out of Reach for Middle-Class Americans: Private school for our children is very important subject for us.   We spend a ridiculous sum of money to send our kids to private school each year.  I am always amazed at how middle and lower-class families manage to afford the tuition.

+Income Equality Has Continued to Rise: I wonder if as physicians, we are losing touch with our patients.   I see this divide manifest itself in the health of our upper and lower class patients.    When I see this, I begin to wonder about the future and how long this divide can continue to grow?

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Five Minute Friday: Your Rapid Response Report

Here is quick roundup of some of the awesomeness I ran across on the web this week

+Amazon Prime Day Was a Monster:   Part of the reason the name of this blog is Doctor-in-Debt and not Doctor-retired-on-the-beach-by-now is Amazon Prime makes shopping lazy in our house.

I don’t know about you, but by the time I go to work and come back,  it seems like the 2-day shipping is already at my doorstep.

+Why Simple Beats Complex:  This concept works at the hospital as well as your investment account.   We get caught up in making things so complex that they are sure to fail the first time we encounter adversity.

One of my jobs in the hospital is to make our operating rooms simple so that complex surgery can be safe for our patients.

The important point here is less Is more.  Too much is just as bad as not enough.

+ For Those of You With Children:  If you have kids at home,  you are probably familiar with Walter Mischel’s Marshmallow Test of self-control.   Apparently, 4-year-olds from Cameroon performed much better than 4-year-olds from Germany. 

The study calls into question Western assumptions about ideal parenting style.

+My New Favorite Blogging Tool:  For the readers who are also bloggers,  This is my new favorite blogging tool.   I have never been a great writer, which is terribly ironic considering this little bit of fun I have going on here.    It has been a gem at helping me with my spelling, grammar, and basic sentence structure.

Check it out if you were not the best English student in school!


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