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The High costs of Being Busy

The High Costs of Being Busy

How are you today?   The common refrain we greet each other with,  rushing to the next pressing item of our day.   More often than not, the response has become “busy.”  You likely respond with it yourself more than you would like to admit.  Being busy seems to have a positive connotation that we associate with being important or doing well.  Because of these positive connotations, we often forget to consider the high costs of being busy and find ourselves in constant motion.

As a high performing professional, balancing your expanding responsibilities at work and your family at home is challenging.    If you are working on a side hustle, then there isn’t’ any time left over.  You have too much work and too little time to fit it into.

All this busyness has costs.  You intuitively know this, but the list of costs doesn’t show up as a line item in your budget.  Many of them are subtle and only show their true cost over time.

If you take the time, you find that it adds up to a significant amount of money each month.

Have you stopped to think what you could save by slowing down?

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