Here is this week’s rapid response report.  Included are some links and useful information curated for busy professionals.

+ Private Schools is Becoming Out of Reach for Middle-Class Americans: Private school for our children is very important subject for us.   We spend a ridiculous sum of money to send our kids to private school each year.  I am always amazed at how middle and lower-class families manage to afford the tuition.

+Income Equality Has Continued to Rise: I wonder if as physicians, we are losing touch with our patients.   I see this divide manifest itself in the health of our upper and lower class patients.    When I see this, I begin to wonder about the future and how long this divide can continue to grow?

+Every Great Investment Hurts:   There are two parts to wealth accumulation: Increasing your savings percentage so that you have money to invest and then investing that money wisely so that it can compound over time.  Along the way, you are bound to have to distinguish between what looks like the easy decision in hindsight and what feels easy right now.

+Amazing Story Of Diver Trapped in Underwater Cave for Days:   Here is a great story about an underwater diver who experienced a divers worst nightmare,  being stuck in an underwater cave without air.

+ California Produced So Much Solar Power They Had to Pay Other States To Take It:   We have solar panels on our house, and it’s pretty amazing to see how much the costs have fallen over the past few years.

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